A downloadable game for Windows

A button mashing game by hsnabn.

Made for the Loading Screen Jam: https://itch.io/jam/loading-screen-jam

Credits: Music by Eric Matyas, http://www.soundimage.org


A Windows machine with .NET Framework 4.5 installed, and an 800x600 resolution display.


It seems that the loading screen is -gasp- functional?! I distinctly recall that infringing on some patent... Quick! Get the game to load before someone sues me!

Made with the 2D game engine Duality: http://duality.adamslair.net

Note: The source code is included with the download, in the Source folder.

How to Play:

Press the requested key to advance the loading bar. If you do not press the requested key, the loading bar will decay. If the loading bar fully decays, you will start losing your accumulated score.

Sometimes, when you press the requested key, a "fast decay" modifier may be activated. This modifier accelerates the loading bar decay speed.

Install instructions

Download the game ZIP file, then extract it somewhere you'd like.

Run the game by opening "LoadItPlease.exe" located in the "Load It Please" folder.


Load It Please.zip 2 MB

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